America is Fucked

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    2020 U.S. Economical Forecasts

    • 1 trillion loss to the economy (best case)
    • 3.5 trillion loss to the economy (worst case)

    • 2.5 million jobs lost (best case)
    • 7 million jobs lost (worst case)

    • 500,000 deaths (best case)
    • 3 million deaths (worst case)

    • Because u are trying not to follow news and miss family u post unsourced irrelevant facts? So strange...deathboy
    • crazy how you put the economy before lives... USAUSAUSA! thats why youre fucked._me_
    • Economic reset. Was kinda needed.shapesalad
    • Fuck both you _me_ and deathboy!utopian
    • I hope your getting paid for this driveldeathboy
    • Well we already passed the "worst case" jobs lost in two weeksyuekit
    • Ha yuekit he's just pulling numbers out of some else's ass to post. Or realitydeathboy
    • IE" realitydeathboy

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