America is Fucked

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  • SteveJobs9

    I'm curious. What was your intent in starting this thread? How is negativity in a crisis anything but counterproductive?

    I've seen many on here openly express feelings of stress and anxiety. People with loved ones and children. People losing their jobs. This won't help them. Stress upon stress is harmful to people. It manifests itself psychologically and physiologically. It can weaken your immune system and cause you to be overcome by your own fear.

    I mean, I guess you do have the freedom to express yourself and maybe this is your way of dealing with your fear but be mindful of others when doing so.

    I've found staying off of this site with its incessant, obsessive focus on the virus, and controlling my exposure to the extent I can act in my best interest AND maintain a healthy and happy perspective has been very beneficial. I kindly suggest you try it.

    I haven't been tested but I've exhibited some of the symptoms and I've managed them so far through proper rest, nutrition, and video games. And while I'm saddened for those who are going through tougher situations I choose to stay strong and happy to the extent I can, if anything, so that it gives me the best chance to get through this mentally and physically.

    It's a line that's decorated far too many Instagram accounts to not be cringe-inducing, but I still believe it to be a good lesson: Don't worry about the things you can't control.

    • To be fare, there's a lot of pent-up anxiety in general in most people. Having a place to express yourself, vent, laugh and or cry is a positive.utopian
    • I'm also trying to stay away from the news as much a possible. It's extremely difficult though. Take care of yourself Steve!utopian
    • Thanks I appreciate it. Perhaps you're right. I just hope the many, over-burdened by their own circumstances, aren't unnecessarily overwhelmed by others'.SteveJobs
    • I feel completed overwhelmed, trapped, helpless. Just wish that I could be close to my family. I probably will not see them for at least 3-4 months.utopian
    • And they all live only roughly 10 miles from close, yet so far.utopian
    • Use that time what you would waste to read every headline to think about how can you help the people who are on the front-line of this.sted
    • Sorry to hear that utopian :/SteveJobs
    • Utopian just placating you. None of his posts display any of that concern.deathboy
    • @deathboy you are trying to step into a territory where your concept of reality will be suck behind gravestones forever.sted
    • No. I'm stepping in where someone is lying. Demonstrate in all utopians posts last month that show any concerndeathboy
    • Fake social media shit calling out will be far more needed now than in any time.deathboy
    • And fuck man. I thought you had the Hungarian background u might be bit more privy of bullshit and see the aims of itdeathboy
    • Ie.. I'm staying away from the news but constantly posting any anti rep co servative or anti capitalism copy pasta he can... Hmmdeathboy
    • As far as perception of reality goes I feel like mine is more accurate than most based on reason. But differs per person and abilitydeathboy
    • great postfadein11
    • Yep, stay positive, grounded and reasonable.ben_
    • masks are useless unless you have it. N95 do work but there's not enough. Really the only way is to not go out and stay inside.elektro
    • Once again, fuck off Deathboy you know nothing about nothing POS. All you do is bitch and complain about other peoples POVs. Go out and lick some toilet seats.utopian
    • Uh huh utopian. Deflect. don't do anything towards what I said about your falsehoodsdeathboy
    • what's your intent with this shit response? america is fucked because of capitalism, period. stop paying taxes.doesnotexist
    • lol. work this logic out. america just happened to be all that somehow why capitalism was fucking it... what was overpowering capitalism leading to success?deathboy
    • fell like bill cosby on the kid show shit people saydeathboy

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