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  • allthethings9

    always my favorite

    • not enough punchessted
    • yupaslip
    • haha sted.

      but, too many trumps.
    • Make sure you don’t cash those stimulus checks when they come in otherwise you’d be a hypocrite. Punk ass bitch snowflakes still upset over Hillary not elected.irrelevant
    • I'll cash the check(s), money is money. But fuck that orange fucking idiot asshole and fuck his supporters all the same. Punches and kicks for all of them.elahon
    • Oh, so people shouldn't take what is actually their money when it's offered back to them? People should just die or turn to crime?allthethings
    • Exactly. Families should be getting checks every month until this bullshit is over with, the way this administration has fucked it all up.elahon
    • The System 'gives' people stimulus checks, for wholly selfish reasons that are nothing to do with pandering to your Orange Overlord's ego stimulation.Nairn
    • Nobody I know is even eligible to receive the checks.monospaced
    • You have to make less than $75k to get the full amount, and at $99K you can't get a penny.monospaced
    • Anyway, the only hypocrites would be Republicans who previously acted like government handouts were the plague on societymonospaced
    • I actually used to respect a lot of designers on here but have come to know that most of the fucktards on here are useless self-righteous & space-wasting libs.irrelevant
    • and you are irrelevantmonospaced

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