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    Over 1,700 frontline medics infected with coronavirus in China, presenting new crisis for the government

    WHO experts will land in China this weekend. Meanwhile, the US says it can't assess coronavirus data out of China

    Europe's stagnant economy vulnerable to shock from China

    Expert: We've seen some 'egregious' misstatements of data

    No contingency plans in place for Tokyo Olympics

    Russian woman escapes coronavirus quarantine by short-circuiting the lock

    CNN's front page...
    15 feb 2020

    • Racist! China is a-okay.inteliboy
    • No doubt! Very nice people. Too bad this is happeninggrafician
    • look at it this way. If this happened in the US can you imagine collecting people off the streets, quarantine cities? Civil rights would block any containmentBeeswax
    • That's a click bait... Everything is fine, globalization, open the borders, free everything for everyone.robotron3k
    • ...only if they were mexican_niko
    • Only a moronic assfuck of the highest order of cuntlery would use this outbreak to argue FOR bigoted nationalism. And that person is robo. OF COURSE. deathboy?monospaced
    • Either you really are that stupid or hateful, or you’re just trolling, or you’re just that misinformed. Either way you come off as unamerican. Pathetic asshat.monospaced
    • My neighbor Yiteen left for China in Dec, her apt empty 2+ mths. My guest is petrified flying back to Hanoi on Cathay in the coming weeks. It's real mono.robotron3k

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