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  • Gnash4

    Oh oh. He’s stirred the beast

    • probably fair to share the 3 tweets to put this into context.fadein11
    • https://twitter.com/…fadein11
    • We walked it back rather expertlyGnash
    • Read the responses, genius.Gnash
    • He walked it back after a couple of hours of woke rage came hurtling at him. Goodness you’re an idiotGnash
    • An idiot for sharing a link. lol. I agree with everything he said. including the follow ups which have little to do with his original point. but yeah I'm anfadein11
    • idiot outrage boy.fadein11
    • Ugh. Not for the link, you moron.Gnash
    • Do you stumble through your whole day like this, or do you have a nanny?Gnash
    • jesus, you posted the end of a tweet, I shared a link to all of them. calm the fuck down you numpty.fadein11
    • Lol. You truly are simple. Back to your porridge with yaGnash
    • jesus haha. you need a shag, or a beer, or both.fadein11
    • Had both last night. Nice burn, thoughGnash
    • Stop misreading me. I'm not always looking for an argument, in fact I actively avoid it nowadays. Was just sharing the rest of the tweets.fadein11
    • why did you call him an idiot if not for the link to context?monospaced
    • Because, frankly, that's all he did. And you've been calling him names as if he voiced some strong opinion on the matter.monospaced
    • @notes
    • hah, nothing on limmys fake snapchats from a few days back.kingsteven
    • Lol. Another one.Gnash
    • Mono stop discouraging them, we love all those cobbled-together Brit insults they hurl at each other. Keep going guys this is a hoot!!!robotron3k
    • Nobody calls for more diversity in Mauritania. Or Brunei. Just saying...shapesalad
    • For fuck sake, the ocean needs more diversity. There simply isn’t enough insects, mammals or birds in the ocean. Fucking racist ocean. Woke up ocean.shapesalad
    • Another one? I didn't present an opinion other than that he was providing context, nothing more. There's no reason to call him an idiot for it.monospaced
    • Good GodBonSeff
    • Good GodBonSeff
    • dfBonSeff
    • https://i.imgur.com/…Gnash
    • https://i.imgur.com/…Gnash
    • I'm going to use "back to your porridge with ya" in a meeting before the end of the week.zarkonite
    • Still not sure why you called him an idiot except that you imagined him saying something stupid and reacted to said imagination.monospaced
    • he thought I was an idiot because I shared all the tweets rather half of one, when I should've been reading the comments on said tweet but no link was provided.fadein11
    • So I obliged. Not that I would waste my time reading yet another N.American Twitter storm over some innocent and correct tweet shared out of context.fadein11
    • Ah, one can hear the clicks and zaps of those synapses firingGnash
    • It can take too much time to look up what one’s supposed to think about stuff.Gnash
    • What's that term you British use?? It's popular, something like, "I'm going to take your urine!" or, "he just took your urine!"robotron3k
    • twitter is the worst. the virtue signalling is obnoxiously bad. and always western people obsessed with race and diversity. guilt and shame runs deep.inteliboy
    • Gnash you need to chill the fuck out dude. Too quick to be aggressive.Hayzilla
    • Just quick enoughGnash
    • ya after reading the complete tweets in its context. nothing stephen said sound offensive at all.pango
    • He backpeddled expertlyGnash
    • Although, try as he might, it doesn’t change the posit of his pre- ‘but-let-me-‘splain’ tweetsGnash
    • And of course there’s nothing offensive about it. That’s the pointGnash
    • Not sure it was backpeddling per se, more a clarification of where he sits politically. More likely scared of becoming an accidental poster boy of the rightfadein11
    • like Gervais did last week. But what do I know? I'm an idiot :)fadein11
    • and still, providing the context isn't an idiotic thing to domonospaced
    • this seems pretty mehh to me. you sharing because?pango
    • Kings whole post is a big backpedal, he starts off pandering, then makes his point as gnash posted above, then he totally tries to cover his ass_niko
    • David Icke just posted about it on Facebook ha, really. He's always right.fadein11
    • Stand for something or don’t. Just don’t try to stand for everything to appease no one._niko
    • @niko yet all his tweets can co-exist with zero conflict?fadein11
    • Of course it’s ‘meh’ pango. But not to the over 10k (so far) woke unicorns that have so replied with anguish to kings tweetGnash
    • lol at following Icke. on facebook, no less. perfect.Gnash
    • and the predictable, "but it's alt-right-adjacent!" pearl-clutching. also perfect.Gnash
    • His posts are v.amusing gnash. Reminds me of Set :(fadein11
    • But great burn dude :)fadein11
    • have you tried not paying attention of over 10k woke unicorns? your days might get better. i mean im the millennial here and i dont even use twitter.pango
    • https://i.imgur.com/…Gnash
    • Sir Hurt of Buttfordshire just won't let it liefadein11
    • things always go anal with you. oddGnash
    • did you actually just say that haha?
    • Let him have the final say, it always fizzles out if he feels he's won.fadein11

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