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  • Gardener3

    • Am I getting old or are these mega new school pop/neon/halftone tattoos more likely to become a poster than an actual tat? I love tattoos, don’t get me wrongmaquito
    • But I feel like there’s some history behind the tattoo art that should remain under consideration.maquito
    • I finished typing the last comment in full awareness that I'm sounding like an old crap ffs.maquito
    • a lifetime of bad decisionsutopian
    • A Scully tat but no ouroborous?i_monk
    • maquito: Why? Those colours fade the fastest causing a return vi$it to the parlour. It's the human inkjet model of retail.BustySaintClaire
    • I based my first comment in nonsense tattoo concepts that I am aware that I have, and that are wrong, ie: old school is good.maquito

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