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    I re-watched the movie Titanic yesterday for the first time in many years. That movie is 22 years old and man, it's so well done! It haven't aged a bit, could have been released this year as is. I still wonder how they achieved some of the scenes. And special mention for Kate Winslet, so beautiful.

    • the french girl :Ppango
    • I’ve yet to watch itGnash
    • Never watched, never will. There are some movies that no grown up should seriously watch...grafician
    • This is very well done, you should watch it.Bennn
    • Agree with you Bennn, I'm always met with laughter when I recommend it, but it is a much superior film than people who haven't seen it imagine. It's a classic.spl33nidoru
    • My heart will go onNBQ00
    • exactly spl33nidrou, i know its a mega blockbuster movie, but its well done. I prefer this than many super heroes movies and such.Bennn
    • Seriously, few films mix so flawlessly romance, drama, action, pace and style with impeccable direction and technical achievements, especially consideringspl33nidoru
    • the insane pressure James Cameron was working under, as the majority of the industry was convinced the film was going to historically bomb. Not quite!spl33nidoru
    • Bored AF as a teenager and it’s just as stupid today. Sorry Bennn but it’s really only good if you’re a 13 year old virgin girl.monospaced
    • I never felt that their relationship was believable or convincing or even based in any reality. It was simply hard to care about them.monospaced
    • Oh they have a snarky conversation and he draws a picture. True love!monospaced
    • There's 2 thing in this movie, the love story AND all the historical details and the sinking of Titanic. You can appreciate one or the toher or bothBennn
    • You can watch this movie starting when they hit the iceberg and i'm sure you'll like it. Its VERY well done.Bennn
    • Agreed. Well done. The Celine Dion soundtrack is cheesy, ignore that.jagara
    • "Don't ever leave me Jack."Ianbolton
    • "Bye Jack"Ianbolton

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