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  • Ramanisky213

    footage of bystanders... one armed with a fire-extinguisher and a Polish chef with a narwhal tusk.. tackling the London Bridge attacker

    • narwhal tusk TMrenderedred
    • extinguish the threat!PhanLo
    • Good thing he didn't have a suicide vestHayoth
    • good thing he didn't have a lot of thingspango
    • wow, what a contrast in immigration; deranged brown dog pakistani & Lukasz, the Polish chef risking his life to save citizens of his newly adopted countryBustySaintClaire
    • https://www.zerohedg…BustySaintClaire
    • mental illness brought on by inbreeding and extreme religious indoctrination._niko
    • inbreeding is bad. mkaypango
    • @pango Indeed!Bindegal
    • Unless countries take strict measures against hate preaching this kind of vermin will always come out. fuck freedom of speech in that sense.Beeswax
    • You can't legislate the hate out of someone's heart. 'Strict measures' that remove freedom of speech with intent to stop 'hate preaching'...PonyBoy
    • ... won't suddenly make everyone love each other.PonyBoy
    • So immigrants are useful! Whoaa, let's stop this Brexit nonsense then! Sorry chaps, we got it all wrong, carry ongrafician
    • then again everybody knows that Brexit is not about immigrants, but rich ppl trying to avoid the new tax-avoidance laws imposed by the EU ha!grafician
    • Extinguisher Narwhal Tusk Force Assemble!Gardener
    • LOL @tusk forcerenderedred
    • FACT! Those with monobrow are more likely to be involved in terrorist activities.shapesalad
    • @ponyboy it would make a huge difference.Beeswax
    • So it’s normal for a guy to wield a nawrwhal tusk. Got it.HijoDMaite
    • depends on if he had the option to choose a none nawrwhal tusk stick.pango
    • they come over ere they attack ARE bloody terrists, yeah,Projectile
    • I'm sure casual references to Pakistanis as "brown dogs" and the like had no contribution to this guy's outlook on the British.i_monk
    • yes yes... name calling should lead to stabbing the fuck out of people on a bridge... ? On a lighter note—The narwhal: fucking unicorn of the sea!PonyBoy
    • Racist dehumanization is a bit more than name calling. These people don't hate you because their religion tells them too, they turn to radical imams (etc)i_monk
    • because they're told again and again they're dogs, second class, unwelcome, and see that reflected institutionally.i_monk
    • nothing what you just wrote justifies shanking random people to death, i_monkPonyBoy
    • I can’t say for this person. But are crimes in poor area justified? Yet we all have an idea why crimes happens in poor area.pango
    • :/ 2 random people being shanked for religious reasons doesn't equate to poor folks committing crime to survive nor is it justified due to name-calling.PonyBoy
    • No. Not all crimes are for survival. Some people just grow up becoming an evil prick cuz of their environment.pango
    • Not justified. Yet we can kind of see how.pango

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