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    This update has been really buggy for me. Indesign is having issues with scrolling in a document. Whats in the viewport remains static but the scrollers still work.

    Also having some major issues in photoshop with "Export as" feature which is something I rely on heavily. I get an error report in the export window on files that worked fine in the previous version. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • At least, its only 600$ a year! Imagine if it was 5K lol We're lucky in the end :D
    • For me InDesign 2019 would always lock up just after launching, even on a clean OS install! ID 2020 finally works again, though I'm sure there are other bugs...evilpeacock
    • Im sharing indd files and PS files with a colleague and he's having no issues with the same files. Prob some issue my side.thumb_screws
    • affinity. just sayinghans_glib

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