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    If you stand back and subtract yourself from what you're already familiar with, the idea of masses of medals on uniforms is a weird-looking and peculiar concept.

    It's kind of like flair for serious people.

    • Oh hey, I followed up a Mike Judge post with another sort of Mike Judge post.
      +1 me!
    • Should've posted in blog thread, sorry.Nairn
    • Fun fact: the service ribbons on his chest are referred to in the military as a salad bar. [star wipe]zarkonite
    • Mainly variations on 'I'm good a following orders' and 'I'm good at shooting people defending themselves from our ambitions'.i_monk
    • what are the medals in the middle for?srhadden
    • boy scouts on steroidsBustySaintClaire
    • Don't you want to express yourself?misterhow

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