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  • Nairn11

    Currently: Cutting some pieces for an artist who will be doing an installation in the world's first Vagina Museum, in Camden LDN.

    Perfect work for a cunt like me, eh?

    • well that's my new fact for the day, the vagina museum.hans_glib
    • Is SimonFFM going to get inducted there?robotron3k
    • I somewhat doubt it - it's a pretty feminist-looking place.Nairn
    • how are the personalities there?renderedred
    • Wow the things you never thought you would be doing, eh?eryx
    • Pretty sure every vagina is a vagina museum.scruffics
    • Get them to pay up-front. The museum won’t make it to opening day. Surely to get protestedGnash
    • I am a feminist, too.SimonFFM
    • Perhaps. Different sort though.Nairn
    • "i have an internet friend, simon is the name, one of your flock. very feminist. can he send in a few of his works?" DO IT!renderedred

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