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  • Krassy7

    • damn that looks so real_niko
    • or maybe it is I can't tell anymore lol_niko
    • Mouse lemurs, however, will catch and eat the feeding moths. By catching and eating the moths on the flowers and eating the flowers too, the baobab tree is able_niko
    • be pollinated forming a mutually beneficial relationship between the tree and the mouse lemur. This allows the baobab tree to thrive!_niko
    • ^ read of course in Sir David Attenborough's voice lol_niko
    • my favorite part is the eye contact with the camera: "see that?"Krassy
    • needs the 'deal with it' sunglassesBustySaintClaire
    • deal with it :)helloeatbreathedrive
    • animated?milfhunter
    • animated. I don't see how they'd get a camera on a track, in focus and framed perfectly for those last two shots.inteliboy
    • My guess is 100% CGI, not bad.ApeRobot
    • A quick Google says this is from the new Lion King.Hayzilla
    • that motion blur on the second last shot is the only thing that said CGI to me, the rest is excellent. Especially the elastic contraction and pulling_niko
    • That Lion King (Not seen it) looks fucking incredible. Unbelievable that it is financially viable to make an entire photo realistic films now.Hayzilla
    • He helped me find car insurance... (uk rated)necromation
    • i'm guessing they added motion capture to an actual lemur to get all the intricacies of their movement?_niko

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