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    I thought one thing the movie really failed to do was show how Joker started a movement. There wasnt really any scenes showing people getting inspired by him or his actions. Just all of a sudden protesters start showing up in clown masks. It wasnt until the very end when they pick him up off that care and he stands above his followers. The movie needed to drive it home better what sort of impact he was making in the middle of the movie and it didnt try to at all.

    All they needed was some scenes of groups of people maybe talking about him, like they did in the dark knight, or watching him on tv but they never did any of that.

    • *off that carCygnusZero4
    • Almost felt like the joker himself wasnt special at all. Could have been anyone.CygnusZero4
    • Dunno, I connected the dots. Thank fuck they didn't have some dumb scene explaining everything to the audience.inteliboy
    • @Cyguns, I think that was pointvalentim
    • Actually weren't there a BUNCH of news story (tv/paper) blips and commentary from 'media' characters about how the 'clown killer' was inspiring a movement?mantrakid
    • seemed pretty obviousmantrakid
    • they did do that, it was just that the mob was rendered too simplisticallycannonball1978
    • early on in film the shrink said things were really 'tense' out there, people were desperate... if I recallprophetone
    • already at a tipping pointprophetone
    • Joker had a twitter account that they didnt mention. They all organized over twitter. Fuck twitter.Beeswax
    • We don't see "others" POV. Just Arthur. This is why we see no one chatting about it, or him, or anyone else motivation.robthelad
    • I think the fact it wasn't spelt out for the dumb dumbs made it better, treated the viewer with some intelligence.TOMMYxGUNN

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