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  • valentim-2

    Thats why you "muricans" are so intelectually retarded, all you can think of is guns, you still live in the wild west!

    • Not all american's are gun nuts. To me, the problem is not the guns itself, the problem is the humans that pull the trigger.ApeRobot
    • Sure not everyone are, but thats the image we get here, there is no sympathy for americans....valentim
    • If there is such a thing as a singular American culture, the wild west is most definitely it. Self defense is codified in our founding documents.IRNlun6
    • You need to fire some guns Valentim.PhanLo
    • America was a shithole when I live there 10 years ago and it’s even a bigger shithole nowscruffics
    • @IRN who said I didn't yet? That's not the point, its the whole US system, create fear, sell guns, produce oil, build more guns, need more oil, fear...blah blahvalentim
    • Image and reality are 2 different things. The loudest voices are typically the most ignorant. Also, saying it's a "shithole" is a pretty silly statement.aslip
    • lol scrufficsmonospaced
    • @valentim I agree on the wild west and fear being used as a tool. There's no better promoter for firearms sales than politicians threatening to take them away.IRNlun6
    • It may seem like a contradiction that with high gun crime rates that vocal support for gun confiscation would be popular, it's entirely the opposite.IRNlun6
    • "the problem is not the guns itself, the problem is the humans that pull the trigger"
      That way of thinking is THE main problem in the USA ..
    • You guys are stuck in an endless spiralBennn
    • The real problem is human mortality.deadsperm
    • You know the real truth valen, we don't drink Port wine with our desserts in America because we don't want to ruin our desserts! Take that!! Ha haaaa!robotron3k
    • What desserts? Banana Split...give me a break, there is only a few of you that know what Port wine is anyway, nevermind knowing where is from!valentim
    • You think people want to live in portugal or UK? You ask people around the world where'd they rather live and they'll say USA.hotroddy
    • hotroddy with the hard facts.deadsperm
    • pff...What people? Thats a lot of people. Don't pretend you know the answer to that question, you dont, nor what I think. This was a guns turned desserts...valentim
    • ...conversation, anything to say about that?valentim
    • #hardfacts
    • and guns are used like grapes in the 'The Fox and the Grapes' fable.hotroddy
    • Well if thats the case, i wouldn't be so proud to announce it, since you not going allow them in the country.valentim
    • https://infographic.…deadsperm
    • "Thats a lot of people. Don't pretend you know the answer"...
      ... You started this conversation w/a somewhat similar sentiment, son. Hypocrite much?
    • it's shit, a shithole like someone already said, I know it, you know it.. and we can smell it from here across the atlantic...bye cowboys!valentim
    • it's not over till they pass the guns and dessert bro...…robotron3k
    • @valentim, when you generalize like that it kind of seems like you actually haven't visitedmonospaced
    • @mono Its the whole gun thing, you need to sort that out, internally and externally, people don't want, it's up to us to do a bit better, you guys are not...valentim
    • doing a good job in deciding "the" leader.. it has a impact on all of us around the globe. I have been, it was a good experience, thats is not in the basis ofvalentim
    • argument. Stop the fucking guns.valentim
    • *weapons (knifes included)_valentim
    • Portugal = a third world country with the geographic convenience of living on a first world continent.hotroddy
    • is that your best attempt to insult? or attempt to know about Portugal? You're pretty good proving with graphics and everything about USA most "wanted" countryvalentim
    • can you do the same towards what you've just said?valentim
    • valentim you live in a very small country that hasn't quite had the global influence of the US. We share very different cultures.deathboy
    • Different histories. We didn't have to join a EU out of fear of some uppity stache country. That fear alone probably helped grow a different culturedeathboy
    • Where as maybe we would have to rethink it if an uppity state tired to use force to dominate others. thing is the uppity ones are the ones trying to disarmdeathboy
    • AND its also a deterrent to invasion. A big reason we arm civilian populaces in areas of invasion.And it is a double edged sword. defense from domestic anddeathboy
    • foreign. Who is gonna send in armies to defend unarmed us citizens against a stupid shit head popularly elected dictator?deathboy
    • but really its not a big deal. its more like weed. years and years of outlaw creating black markets that for the sake of good and safetydeathboy
    • and guess what all the hype was pretty unjustified. and now actually taxation and growth it is creating real jobs tax revenue etc.deathboy
    • 2018 FBI rifle deaths were ~257 from link above. Roughly 88K die from alcohol deaths. DUI 11kdeathboy
    • Like that fake scientist tyson guy tried to say is this shit is all relative. the news doesn't show you any relativity to it. because its emo baitdeathboy
    • Deathboy, my country has building, institutions, laws, universities etc.. that are twice as old than the US. Learn a litle bit about history...valentim
    • all countries have those. what real global significance have you had. did you even borrow from the us republic philosophy?deathboy
    • i know portugal has historically had no real significance to society as a whole. it has been helped by US policy though. can u say the opposite?deathboy
    • oh and age doesn't mean significance. there are quite old rocks in society. never done anything just existed... you see the age angle means little right?deathboy

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