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    I only use Macs (a hackintosh in my case) for audio production these days. I have a Windows pc for games and the occassional photoshop session. Everything else is Linux on my laptop (and home servers).

    The hackintosh is nearly 5 years old, so I thought I'd look at what Apple is offering. The Mac mini, even with the Apple tax, isn't too bad. Considering the amount of shit in my office these days, the small form factor is nice too.

    But, holy-fucking-shit-balls, the pricing on the upgrades are absolutely absurd. $200 for 8 more GB of RAM. Which, is user upgradable, so not a big deal.

    But, $200 extra for a 512GB hard drive (which should be standard), or an eye watering $400 for the terabyte drive. Dude. What the fuck? A 1TB M.2 Samsung Evo hard drive is only $160 on Newegg. That's just extortion.

    So, I guess I'll just build another hackintosh. Apple could have just copied the Intel Nuc form factor where only the CPU is soldered, and the rest is socketed. Or, at the very least, left space for another drive (which the Nuc also does). I don't get it.

    • That 512 isn't a "hard drive", it's a PCI-E module with 3.4GB/s peak I/O. Still more expensive from Apple than buying yourself, but it's not any old SSD.evilpeacock
    • For comparison a ~$250 1TB M.2 Samsung Evo peaks at 600MB/s.evilpeacock
    • My soldered storage concern is that when that PCI-E module goes, you're stuck with external I/O. I typically run Macs for 5-10 years so replacement is a thing.evilpeacock
    • But, to be fair, a Mac Mini isn't really designed for more than a 5 year run without going DIY on the case.evilpeacock
    • Apple know their target audience. And its an audience who wont build a computer and is willing to pay for Apple even if its pricier than it should.Bennn
    • I'm cool with EVO speed. I have one in my Nuc, and it's very fast. My current hackintosh has a 7200 mech. drive. No bottlenecks.section_014
    • @evil: an M.2 can have up to 4GB/s bandwidth... it does hook up directly to the PCI-E bus, up to 4 lanes. This is standard tech, nothing Apple specific so it'szarkonite
    • available to anyone building their own pc.zarkonite
    • Yes there’s a markup on the SSD but it’s way better than the Samsung you’re conparing too and you’re also getting the design and case.monospaced
    • I still don’t want to buy a Mac anymore. It’s probably gonna be hackintosh if I ever need a computer again.monospaced
    • Sure, there are EVO levels and even 600MB/s is fine for most. I'm just used to folks comparing vastly different SS standards as if they'd cost the same.evilpeacock
    • Respect to Hackintoshs. But the Hackintosh-savvy is definitely not Apple's target market.evilpeacock
    • I set up an employee with a 6-core Mini. Those CPUs are server-class. IMO the soldered storage is the only negative.evilpeacock
    • @evil peacock, The Samsung Evo Plus M.2 (in my hackintosh) is 3.5G/s and 1TB is < £75kingsteven
    • I have 8 core i9 9900k, Windows 10 dual boot on a second M.2 and 2TB SATA SSD Storage, TB3, Firewire, Vega 64...kingsteven
    • highest spec'd 6-core mini is 75% CPU performance, slower ram +iGPU for nearly double the price. if you're not afraid to get your hands dirty its a no brainer..kingsteven
    • also, + mac user for 20 years here... Windows 10 is better.kingsteven
    • and an i7 8700k is not a 'server class' processor, its typically found in 'under £1k intel gaming PC' builds.kingsteven
    • Apple uses Toshiba parts for their SSD with an Intel controller. That drive is worth about $130USD on newegg.zarkonite
    • Ah, got the "server class" wrong. What I was getting at is that higher level CPU in the current Mini vs the previous. Still i5 or i7 8th gen options.evilpeacock
    • Anyways, this is turning into a desktop vs mini PC form factor comparison which doesn't make sense.evilpeacock
    • Also, supposedly an i9 is only 9.4% faster than an i7. Intel just isn't making the leaps anymore.evilpeacock
    • yep, it also runs HOT so a small form factor would be out of the question. 2 extra cores helps. when you look at the single thread performance of the xeonskingsteven
    • in the new mac pros the i9 has better single thread performnce and for actually better for music making and gamingkingsteven

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