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  • utopian3

    Dark Mode = Innovation

    • it is lovely though.fadein11
    • utopian never sleepsIanbolton
    • remember when some climate activist nerds introduced a dark mode google and calculated how much energy we saves worldwide using it? 7 years to go mainstream?uan
    • lol, why would you say it's mainstream just because Apple did it in their OSs?monospaced
    • twitter did it also, and more and more websites, webapps have it as option too.uan
    • apple introduced it in ios first, then osx I think. then the web started to followuan
    • more people see it working on their loved devices, they get used to it and start demanding it (or as I see the users: complaining about not having it).uan
    • I think it's simpler than anything: people like new. Lots of people happen to have iPhones.monospaced
    • Surprised Android doesn't have it as a standard option.monospaced
    • I bet android had a plugin before ios for that. but let us see if it becomes more standard now more ppl are seeing it thanks to apple. also windows has it.uan
    • My brain can’t adjust to dark mode - for reading or reviewing images.Gnash
    • used it for about 2 hours, reading mail was terrible so i switched it back._niko
    • same here...I don't use ituan
    • it's not mine. and history shows: it makes a lot of sense that letters are printed in black on white.sandpipe
    • i really enjoy it at night, dont want to look into the white bright light - on daytime i dont like it and it's off. (plugin)api
    • I find it useful while lying in bed in the middle of night...instead of sleeping or fucking my lady, I go into dark mode to research white papers in dark mode.utopian
    • Innovation never sleeps!utopian
    • how many fucked up mail signatures have you seen since this "innovation" btw ;DArchitectofFate

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