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  • CygnusZero40

    Also seeing young bruce wayne in this movie, and the fact that they are already making a batman movie is kind of hilarious. Just goes to show that DC is winging it with these movies. Not really a set plan because if there was, obviously these would tie together, but they cant now.

    Problem is Joker is older in this movie. Mid-late 40s, and bruce is a young kid, so by the time bruce grew up to become batman, joker would be like 70 lmao. Timeline doesnt work out at all. Missed opportunity to do something cool mixing the 2 movies together for a sequel at some point.

    • maybe. Young bruce could be 14, joker could be late 20s (he's had a hard life). So not that unreasonable to have a batman being 25 and Joker 37.Morning_star
    • People who care about every little detail will never fully enjoy a film. Its a movie about a fictional character - enjoy it for what it is.desmo
    • Is the movie really supposed to tie-in with the rest of the DC cinematic universe, or is it more of a one-off piece?ETM
    • There is no way arthur is in his late 20s in this movie lmaoCygnusZero4
    • Batmen age faster because of sciencenb
    • Maybe the joker then inspires another generation of Jokers? I like how it left so much to interpretation and didn't treat the viewer as an idiot - unlike MarvelIanbolton

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