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    I felt my money was well spent. Saw Ad Astra the other week and wanted my fucking money back but this, this was a good movie.

    Felt the music was great, didn't know whether the Gary Glitter track was purposefully controversial or not, i'm gonna guess that it was. And, when 'White Room' kicked in, well, RIP Ginger.

    Cinematography was cool, and i liked that fact that we didn't need to see the abuse of young Arthur to give his mental health credibility.

    As a comment on todays society?, i felt it captured some of the meetoo/anonymous spirit quite successfully. And it reflected the demise and insignificance of terrestrial TV through DeNiros ultimately cruelty.

    Overall, better than your mum, not as good as your dad.

    • Yeah, Ad Astra was a disappointment. Fucking great first action scene, though.babydick
    • is batman in it?wagshaft
    • No, unfortunately Batman wasn't in Ad Astra although one of the Men In Black was.Morning_star

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