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    for Time sheets
    For project management

    Both are pretty simple but you can make them as complex as you want with all the plug ins. I've had to outsource a lot of work recently and Asana is great for adding resource as needed. Gives me enough oversight without getting bogged down.

    You can add resource rates in toggl which is super handy.

    Key thing Ive found is cracking skulls or rewarding people initially to get everyone to use the systems. Thats been the biggest battle

    I have a client that makes me use their trello but don't like it as much as asana. But that might be because there is no one monitoring it and just chucking jobs in ad hoc.

    I was using the free versions of toggl and asana initially but pay for them now to get access to certain features. Team of 9 you may need to pay to get that many users

    Good luck!

    • I'm a freelancer and use the free versions of both. I use Toggl to track billing and Asana to manage tasks with multiple clients.deadsperm

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