Global Warming

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  • sted2

    • if a kid got front stage along all media to discuss how flossing builds societal bridges and we need to do it more i hope adult o child challenges itdeathboy
    • fuckin like 30 kids flossin is my nightmare and feels no different than thisdeathboy
    • it makes perfect sense that basic hygiene would be among your nightmares.ben_
    • He's devolved into a chatbot.i_monk
    • You’re comparing the health of the planet to a dance move. You’re not only an idiot, you’re an asshole too. Congrats, notes boy. Commence with your incoherence.monospaced
    • lol, I should have googled flossing. officially old.ben_
    • haha dont use a simile or you become an asshole! the health of a planet? how was its physcials results? you probably dont understand how stupid of a statementdeathboy
    • that is... and ben i found humor in your ignorant response. ill informed.. ignorant seems mean. i dont follow trends either. but still funnydeathboy
    • im just more curious to know what mono thinks is a healthy planet. 120 over 80? haha the divide is so largedeathboy
    • Trying to take refuge in semantics is a sure sign even you know you've lost the debate.i_monk
    • trying to take refuge in semantics how imonk?deathboy

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