Global Warming

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  • lowimpakt10

    • LOLHayzilla
    • haha still trying to push a sex narrative vs factual info debate. you do know that shows your bias leaningsdeathboy
    • and pathetic attempts to shift the message away from anything resembling academiadeathboy
    • keep it academic says the grown man that believes economics is a science, capitalism is a natural system and 'some humans are worthless'.kingsteven
    • LOLpango
    • It's not a sex narrative, you dunce, it's a fucking metaphor. Are you even capable of comprehending how those work? Do you know what a metaphor is?monospaced
    • The only people trying to shift the narrative are the ignorant conservative apologists who feel threatened, and their moronic supporters.monospaced
    • Maybe if their masculinity wasn't so fragile ;)monospaced
    • ^^^ Well said. Literally there is NOTHING but science here... Hence why pretty much whole scientific community is saying it's real, but they are 'plants' right?necromation
    • king u display how little you know. explain what a science entails and how economics is not one. than explain how capitalism is not a kin to basic darwinism anddeathboy
    • is a organic natural system. and explain how some humans are not worthless. would one consider trump worthless? would bernie consider a billionaire worthless.deathboy
    • remember my worthless comments always derived of objective value. ignoring that is like cheap stands slanderdeathboy
    • what is real necro? can you explain the real science here? doubt you can. thin you are reacting to emo triggersdeathboy
    • "i hope for more but you need to accept that some people are worthless and will never improve" - deathboykingsteven
    • i mean, i'm not setting out to change you deathboy, i feel your bias needs highlighted when your grasping at arguments to discredit a teenage activist.kingsteven
    • king don't take my word explain with your own.All life is worth, including rapist, and neo nazis, because ... go from there for startersdeathboy
    • and the statement has nothing to do with a "teenage activist" i dont care if its an elderly pacifist. i call BS when i see it. Which is what you are missingdeathboy
    • but heh its the flavor of the day. it will die same as it it did in 1992. Its funny you hope to explain the ignorance of it all but push it's agenda, since itdeathboy
    • isn't about being rational or sane, it just needs to be talked about, to be felt.probably last ill say on such non substance.deathboy

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