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  • ideaist1

    We have iPadOS BUT still no:
    i. iOS font management
    ii. Adobe CS apps
    iii. Sketch, etc. etc. etc.

    I love the tablet as a device, BUT people have chosen phones (for mobility) and computers due to support, applications, customization, etc.

    The "post pc" era Apple has promised still feels a few years off.


    • I guess "Sidecar" is the you can use the tablet as a Wacom, BUT not independently temporary solution.ideaist
    • You'd think after Steve basically single handedly killed Flash, Adobe would have pivoted, BUT the "FUCK ADOBE" thread exists for a reason.ideaist
    • </rant> Trying to justify an iPad Pro for my wife illustrating and designing, but continually feeling it won't work without a desktop "home base" for her.ideaist
    • ^ I have the new iPad pro and I'm moving towards it replacing my laptop. This iOs is a big step towards thatGnash
    • This iOs can do custom fonts. There's a new Fonts manager in 'settings'Gnash
    • But adobe hasn't released their font installer yet -- it's coming, thoughGnash
    • So is Adobe Fresco (new iPad drawing app), as well as full photoshopGnash
    • On board with gnash here. Very close to dumping my laptop. Great potential in this update.ben_
    • Adobe type kit is integrated into all their apps, even the shitty iOS ones.monospaced
    • ^ Ya, but not from outside typekit. Need the ability to load fonts from all sourcesGnash
    • I seemonospaced

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