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    Not thrilled with Apple at the moment. Bought a Macbook Pro less than a year ago and within the first 3 months I had to replace the hard drive. I just dropped it off at the Apple store again because after upgrading to the new OS last night I came in to work to find that neither the keyboard nor the trackpad no longer worked. Turns out I have to get the top case and logic board replaced. WTF?!? I'm beginning to doubt the quality of their products. I've owned Apple products my entire life and have never had this many issues in so short of time. To top it off - Apple store workers are dicks. Zero empathy. Fuck those guys.

    • I. I had the same logic board issue; seems to be a fault in the model. Replaced / all good.ideaist
    • II. Go to a 3rd party / authorized reseller instead of the Apple store; you'll get less pretension and less people in my experience.ideaist
    • Quality control becomes difficult when volume/quantity becomes a variable AND others compete with you on value.

    • The difficult part about going to the apple store is putting on a happy face when you're upset. Need a frustrations counter so you can happily yell at people :)ayport
    • The fact that all their components are soldered onto a single top case is fucking retarded. Battery, hd, keyboard, anything. Even a small issue they replace it.monospaced
    • They’re not sympathetic because they literally can’t do anything and everyone is complaining all day. So messed up.monospaced
    • The kiddies @the A store are window dressing at best—useless. I'd like to emphasize ideaist's idea—w/3rd party you'll find knowledge, lower cost AND empathy. :)PonyBoy
    • Yeah back in the day apple computers never failed. Never ever. Never.nb
    • They did. But you could swap a battery same day for the cost of a battery. Not $1500 for a new top case because the keyboard broke.monospaced
    • And you didn’t have to lose all your data because your hd was soldered to the keyboard and Apple doesn’t do data recovery. Really. That is a thing.monospaced
    • I will definitely investigate the 3rd party option. BTW - this doesn't apply to only my laptop. I also had to replace my iPhone - simply would no longer connectronburgundy
    • to wi-fi. Was handed the replacement and asked if I needed help setting it up. I said no, pulled it out of the box, took off the plastic screen protector onlyronburgundy
    • to find that the screen was not responsive!!! Handed it back to the Apple employee and asked "is it supposed to do this?" Long story short, I had to wait in theronburgundy
    • store for 1.5 hours because they had to get approval to provide me with another phone because in the system I had already been given a replacement. FML.ronburgundy

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