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  • colin_s2

    part of this is just the frame of reference... do you want a pool party or do you want to have a party in the backyard which happens to have a nice pool

    because like pool party - especially one charging - i'd imagine people expect models and an open bar and basically scenes from a generic los angeles music video

    but if you have a grill out, maybe some backyard games that don't suck, some booze / some byob, a "hey there's also a dope ass pool"... then it's one of those situations where after a while people get drunk and suddenly are doing cannonballs and yelling out quotes from anchorman and almost famous

    • < ThisRamanisky2
    • How much would you toss to your neighbor to be able to use their pool for the second scenario, if you didn't have access to a pool?cannonball1978
    • Ahhh... There it is. Sounds like a recipe for an awkward/uncomfortabl... neighbor relationship for years to come.aslip
    • @cannon, it all depends on provisions really. just the pool then it's like, no man you're my neighbor and this is neighborly.colin_s
    • if you have- even limited, first come first serve- food and drinks available, i'd probably bring my own too but still chip in $10 for your effortscolin_s
    • Are you thinking of a Gatsby pool party?SimonFFM

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