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  • mg333

    Anyone else pay for their phone through the subscription plan?

    I've had that since the X and it makes it a no-brainer to upgrade every year, with a pretty negligible change in monthly price.

    • Still rocking a sweet iPhone 6 Plus that randomly shuts off every few minutes so yeah can’t wait till I’m on a plan of some kind_niko
    • How do you still have that phone and not have the ability to upgrade / buy a new one / get on the subscription plan?mg33
    • Because I used my upgrade to get wifey a new phone a couple of years ago after she ran her old one over with her car lol_niko
    • LOL!mg33
    • but you are still paying monthly...forever... not really any deal at all, just like leasing a carformed
    • the changes year to year aren't that big so I keep my phone for longer. the jump between my 6s and 11 is pretty big so buying outright is better in my case.dorf

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