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    Built a Hackintosh, cost about £1650 based around an i9 9900k & Vega 64 (so faster single thread speeds than the Xeons in the new Mac Pro line which is better for music/Logic). It's worked perfectly and stuff I expected to cause more issues like Thunderbolt 3 and Bluetooth have caused no issues and has been running and stable for about 2 months.

    Recently something totally unexpected has happened, I set up Win 10 as dual-boot to flash some firmware and configure some graphics card settings that weren't available in MacOS but this last fortnight i've found myself drifting further and further in to Windows land and only switching back for Unix shell & Logic...

    I've used Windows 10 before but only on shit office computers, on a well spec'd PC + 4k it's the dogs balls. Games (obviously) and Adobe suite running much better... and the level of integration with non-apple hardware (Android, various input peripherals) is fantastic... Now i've installed a quicklook replacement and Win 10 Bash shell it all feels really nice to use. I'm massively tied in to Logic after 20 years and to a lesser degree FCP but starting to consider cross-platform alternatives because of right now, Apple can suck my hole!

    • Uh oh, let the bile flow..Nairn
    • I understand some of these words.nb
    • The more and more I get into 3D the more I start thinking like this. I still feel macOS is a superior file system but windows is far more optimized for hardwaremonospaced
    • *Pole, dude, pole....Maaku
    • @mono, I feel the same. Considering getting a PC soon because rendering anything on a MAC is shit.Maaku
    • Rendering on a Mac is pointless. If even say impossible for any real workflow.monospaced
    • Win10 has a full fledged Ubuntu subsystem built in. I use it daily, and it works great. It's terminal is better than the Mac one.section_014
    • Sure, but macOS is BUILT on it. Windows isn’t. The difference still gives macs an advantage in some areas.monospaced
    • Win10's implementation is full linux, minus the kernel. If you work on servers a lot, the commands and packages are (nearly) identical.section_014
    • On mac you have to use homebrew instead of apt, and the bash implementation is outdated because of some licensing apple didn't like.section_014
    • ^ yeah it is incredible. was reading about it's implementation yesterday. a full implementation of ubuntu running bash, very similar speeds to native.kingsteven
    • and WSL2 is full integrated (not virtualised) linux kernel running within windows. if Apple did this you wouldn't hear the end of it.kingsteven
    • As a PC, it's curious for me to see how previously-rabid Mac fans in the designosphere have come around to PCs for productivity over the years.Nairn
    • yep, i've been using windows servers, configuring laptops and kiosks for 20 years but my last desktop PC had a 17" CRT and Win 2000 and switched to Apple aroundkingsteven
    • the time OS X was announced. The idea of using windows for productivity was absurd until a week ago and now thinking of Win 10 in the same way as I did aboutkingsteven
    • OS X back then... really enjoying using a Desktop computer like I haven't in years.kingsteven

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