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    Volkswagen Unveils New Logo To Kick Off Electrified Era


    • https://twitter.com/…OBBTKN
    • ugh - thin and weedyhans_glib
    • ^i_monk
    • After the press releases don't work, try a new logo, I guess.ben_
    • Hans, is "weedy" a common way in which one might describe a logo? I'm not in branding but totally get what you're describing.MondoMorphic
    • it's nice in application actually, but on its own - thin and weedy is an apt description.ben_
    • THIS VW would never fake emissions tests and test emissions effects on humans and animals.

      Crazy how VW sales are actually up again; the public has no memory.
    • Weak like the Germany.utopian
    • eekcolin_s
    • Why fix what wasn't broken? There is always someone trying to be the smartest guy in the room.utopian
    • 1 billion Deutschmarks please_niko
    • Looks like a sketch.nbq
    • ⌘+C, OBJECT>PATH>OFFSET PATH> .0625". DONE!fooler
    • is this a joke?necromation
    • This has circled back to the '52-59 Beetle hood emblem, an era when logos where thin and elegantprophetone
    • Well they also had chubby variations at that point as well I guessprophetone
    • pushing the envelope here... hehehe, just kidding .. fuck this shit. is boring.neverscared
    • das scheissefuturefood
    • Not as bad as the car ID.3 car they put it on. Why do big automakers continue to make electric or hybrid cars so ugly? Take a page from Tesla.aslip
    • Too many different line weight. And no action.adrok
    • GREATsandpipe
    • @mondomorphic : in a branding meeting you'd say "lacking confidence, apologetic, poorly executed, in other words complete shitehans_glib
    • It’s finemonospaced

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