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  • mg330

    @ Babysnakes - thanks for the suggestions!

    I changed it as described ( .nk-awb and .nk-awb-overlay with z-index: -1. Had to put !important on both of them.

    The mix-blend mode with the green color works in Chrome now, but disappears once you've scrolled down past the first panel.

    In Safari the green color is gone completely now.

    • Whenever you have to use !important you really want to mean it and have absolutely no other way to solve the problem — otherwise it might make it worse.evilpeacock
    • Also, I'd never have two different elements have the same z-index because a browser won't necessarily know which of the elements is supposed to be on top.evilpeacock
    • Thanks. Some of this stuff is custom CSS within a theme, and it takes a little work to figure out the best place to put it.mg33
    • Definitely — it's not uncommon to randomly find bugs in JS libraries and themes. I usually run those through validators just to pinpoint possible issues.evilpeacock
    • All good now. :) Thanks guys.mg33

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