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  • HijoDMaite5

    Sup Q-bees the wife and I are in Rome and we wanted to spend a chill evening before we do all the crazy tourist stuff tomorrow. Any recommendations on a hip spot to eat or a cool artsy neighborhood that we can check out? Maybe even a bar with music or dare I say, house music club? Last thing I want to do is eat at a nasty place or waste time looking for stuff tonight.

    Thought maybe you guys could hook me up with a trendy spot to impress my baby. :) TIA!

    Btw I’ve been in Tuscany for a week and shot a wedding at a villa, holy fuck what an experience!

    • Paging Georges !Gnash
    • Georges is not in Italy... If I'm not wrong, he is in Ger nowOBBTKN
    • Ah yes, I believe you’re rightGnash
    • And also hasn't been here in 4 or more years. At least, not outwardly.Nairn

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