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  • ben_3

    Is her opinion a philosophical one, or is it rooted in something else like her career, her free time (with you), scared of the physical aspects of it, etc.?

    Never is a long time, and people's opinions on having kids seem to have a habit of changing according to their context - so if you want to be a parent someday perhaps there's still time to see where things go. But if she's against being a parent at her core (keep in mind you don't have to birth a child to be a parent) and that matters to you, maybe just peace out and save yourself heartache and frustration.

    • Philosophical. Plus were both 40 so theres the opportunity cliff.cannonball1978
    • Well there's no opportunity cliff for you provided your junk's in good order. Just kidding, good luck man!ben_
    • If she's 40 it's start trying now, or never.Nairn
    • Even for men - we've got another decade or so, and then there's increased risk of abnormalities, tending towards the autistic spectrumNairn
    • Yeah, I guess that's fair Nairn. It's more of a hill for men than it is a cliff though.ben_

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