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    What?? 40K is a low salary??

    Sorry but until I went to college being paid anything above minimum wage was out of the question. I haven't really prepared for marketing myself for salary positions and I never had a conversation about wages in college with any of my professors. But maybe I should, because I assumed ANY job with any salary would be a win coming straight out of college.

    For instance,

    I'm applying for a Senior Graphic Designer job right now because it's one of the only opportunities in my small city. estimates the wage at 50-60K. It's a longshot but worth it for that opportunity. Every other "design" job in my town though advertises $20/hour at best.

    Until some of my classmates got hired I did not even dream of landing a salary position with my amount of experience (2 years). Maybe that's partly my fault for not setting my sights high enough. I'm also not in a major city, which I'm guessing most of you are and are gauging the job market there as your basis for salary expectations.

    • How much your salary is worth depends on the cost of living in your area, $40k in NYC isn't the same as in Biloxi.zarkonite
    • Minimum wage is up to $15/hr an hour in some places. So if you have an education and skills, you should be worth triple that.omahadesigns

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