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  • inteliboy3

    SO good.

    Sequel is A+ as well. Same goes for the first 2 terminators.

    70's - 90's were gold for American cinema. what happened?

    • CGIcolin_s
    • yes, no more optical effects, no more artists only people working in front of screens.i_was
    • Bill Murray said once he disliked Ghostbusters II because the budget went to SFX, and the writing was sacrificed. It's now quite commoncolin_s
    • Oh, shit yes. My dad took me to see T2 in the theatre and I'll never forget it.elahon
    • T2 was a seminal CGI moment but also had a killer script. It all went wrong when Arnie went into politics.MrT
    • T2 seemed very much a cash in to me, no new ideas, add a kid into the story and market it at the teenagers.webazoot
    • ^ Hmmm, Arnie's switch to the good guy was 'uuuge, particularly before internet spoiler bollocks.MrT

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