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    From Popbitch last week:
    This time next week, it is highly likely that Boris Johnson will be Prime Minister of the UK – even after his prediction that nobody would ever "elect a prat who gets stuck on a zipwire".

    One of our readers went on that same zipwire the day after that little photo opportunity. In the course of making small talk while she was being fastened into her harness, our reader made a passing joke to the two operators that she hoped she wouldn’t get stuck like Boris had – which caused the operators to roll their eyes.

    They then explained that if Johnson really had got 'accidentally' stuck, then they would have had to shut the ride down immediately as it wouldn't have been safe. Confused, she asked why it had happened if it wasn't an accident, and they told her "because he asked us to do it".

    She didn't get a chance to ask if it was Boris or someone from Boris's team who made the request before her descent – but she made it down the line without getting left to dangle. As did everybody else that day.

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