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    Do you want to be a bullshit artist?

    • Well, no. I want to approach my work with genuine passion because that's what translates into good work.eighteen
    • That being said I've just started a part-time contract in advertising, creating content for marketing. So i think bullshit should play a subtle role in my work.eighteen
    • And then apply said bullshit to the marketing of my own work and qualifications.eighteen
    • Step 1. Learn the rules.

      Step 2. Break said rules.
    • Do loads of cocaine. You'll be talking shite with the best of them by lunchtime. Concepts galore.PhanLo
    • pay for soho house membership, hang out with the other successful workshy ad wankers, get the right connections.shapesalad
    • @shapesalad I'm looking for a job what makes you think I can afford a $2000 club membership?eighteen
    • lol, I will co-sign, soho house is a waste of your time and money. full stop, ain't what it used to be.ben_

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