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    Small edit:

    "Is this wrong? I'm learning that the world is full of bullshit artists and I'm trying to get a competitive edge. If I just make up my experience what is the worst that could happen?".

    • Trust is everything, so your network is everything.Nairn
    • Exactly. How do I compete with this bullshit if I'm not bullshitting myself as much as possible??eighteen
    • The minute you're found out as a fraud, you've lost that person. Of course, there are lots of people...Nairn
    • Hopefully your work and references count for you. You can't fix the system, so you can either play the game to your best, or as a bastard. Choose wisely.Nairn
    • Thanks Nairn, I have moderate references right now hopefully that helps me.eighteen
    • Honestly I'm just having a mini personal crisis right now because I'm seeing my classmates reach success with seemingly no efforteighteen
    • Sadly you'll come to realise that luck has a large play in all this. Sure, you can work hard and "make your own luck" but sometimes, you'll just be unlucky.Nairn
    • Right. I mean, I've had a good amount of luck too. I need to focus on my own career, and try not to get discouraged by other's luck.eighteen
    • Comparing your own with other people's success is.. something we all cannot help but do.. but is best avoided. Poison lies that way.Nairn

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