Signs your getting old?

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  • dasohr10

    I am going to one up idealist here.
    Three weeks ago, I spontaneously decided to see a show. There’s a mosh pit, of course. It’s that kind of show. I figure why not hang out by the pit, seems fun, done it for 25 years now. Get pushed into the pit, god forbid. Get pushed and very u.n. gracefully try to remain by balance, bending my right foot so far, the fibula snaps.
    The story continues, but I’ll leave it at this:
    Countless trips to doctors, dozens of Oxis, an MRI, 6 casts and a steel implant later, here I am feeling old af, regretting my youthful spontaneity.

    • Best pit experience was around 1996 I took about two or three steps walking above the pit. I think it was Filter.HijoDMaite
    • I've been thinking about the logistics of your experience, Hijo. Please do tell, did you launch from stage onto the pit or were you suspended above the pit?dasohr
    • Also Filter was highly underrated. Still is.dasohr
    • lesson learned. hope you will be better soon!api
    • haha i believe it was regular floating on my back and then found the opportunity to stand.HijoDMaite
    • Damn. I’m listening to the short bus album right now. It aged well, so heavy.HijoDMaite
    • Filter was great until that Take a Picture songfooler

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