florida is whack

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  • Ramanisky24

    Floriduuuuhhh strikes again.
    Around the 2:25 mark.

    I’m so sick of shitty racist ignorant people who just can’t seem to mind their own fucking business.

    Good on that manager, he told them what’s what.

    • Those old biddies will never change.shellie
    • ^ oh you’re absolutely right ... however shaming them in public is a beautiful thing.Ramanisky2
    • Large parts America speak German, do they get hassled for that?PhanLo
    • No because they’re white.monospaced
    • on an optimistic note, he took it lightly and the kids were cool. there just may be a better future...renderedred
    • Shellie is correct, these old biddies are seen into the fabric of USA, you know exactly where they shop and eat. Don't be surprised if you are in their space.robotron3k
    • He should have a little more respect for wives of civil war vets!_niko
    • #white privilege
    • ingorate?Nairn

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