CBD Oil - Any users here?

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    I will consider the CBD oil guys. I will consider anything at this point. And no SeaSea I do not believe in the drugs. Although the mild dose of Celexa did help for a bit I feel it just masked my symptoms. Of course, they came back. I really do feel I have to battle this psychologically. This fear begins in my brain and just manifests itself physically. I've never been in an accident in my life, I have no reason to fear the road or a cliff. I have also noticed that I have a fear of heights now too. I think it's associated. I mean I used to do the craziest shit when I was younger and never experienced fear!

    Next week on the 17th I will have 1 year 100% sober. No weed and no booze. Of course, I'm stoked on this and it's done a lot of good but tbh It hasn't done shit for my driving panic. :-( I still smoke cigs like a champ and over caffeinate (mainly on weekends). I sleep well so that's not an issue. But I am overweight so I feel that maybe my circulatory system is not working as well as it should be so this only worsens my anxiety. exercise, quitting smoking, no caffeine, lose weight could be the answer alone. Ugh...

    I've read some stuff online too about this specific fear of driving and many researchers say you have to, like JayLarson said, create some kind of mantra, just talk to yourself and continue to push the limits of what you think you can do until finally, you have desensitized your brain to the fear. This is a lot easier said than done.

    So @fadein11 and @letterhead glad to hear I'm not alone with this here on QBN! If you guys want to reach out hit me up on Gmail at my name javierarmstrong or find me on FB and we can chat. Maybe we can exchange ideas on how to cope with this.

    And @sea_sea I'll dm you I can't believe you also had this. Maybe you can help find the right oil to take. Oooh! maybe I can smoke it! lol
    I hope I don't have to walk into a pot shop for it. The temptation will be strong since weed is my #1 weakness.

    • I don't have the same fear of driving, but I've gotten a bit of vertigo as I've gotten older and can relate to how that feels.mg33
    • In Maui back in 2014 we drove up Mt. Haleakalā to see the sun rise; drove up in the dark, switchbacks, all darkness.mg33
    • Once we saw the sun come up I wanted to drive a little higher, like maybe 300 yards to another parking lot to see the observatory. Holy F... it's the closest tomg33
    • a panic attack that I've ever had. Couldn't take my foot off the brake or hands off the wheel, breathing fast, felt faint.mg33
    • it can be a problem as a passenger too. I have to not think about the death cliff. conversation helps.HijoDMaite
    • in every direction you're looking above clouds and down the mountain, like you could just slip off and into the clouds.mg33
    • Took me 10 minutes to calm down, my wife sitting there just massaging my shoulders and trying to get me to relax.mg33
    • I even asked a stranger if she'd be able to drive our car down, because i sure as hell wasn't going to let my wife do it.mg33
    • But somehow I got the courage to take the drive, that woman followed with her husband in case I freaked out, got in a low gear, and was all good.mg33
    • FUCK mg33HijoDMaite
    • Here in San Diego there is a Bridge called the Coronado Bridge which is probably going to be my final mountain to climb. It's gnarly.HijoDMaite
    • https://www.tripsavv…HijoDMaite
    • it was the fact we drove up in the dark, not seeing how high we were getting and the steep cliffs to our sides.mg33
    • had a couple moments like this in iceland in 2011, and sometimes snowboarding, although having sinus surgery helped that, maybe helped my equilibrium.mg33
    • oops! here: https://i.imgur.com/…HijoDMaite
    • High bridges suck for me too.mg33
    • we only have one high bridge in Chicago - http://web.benesch.c…mg33
    • That SD bridge. I can't stand those either. The narrow roadway, low height of the sides.mg33

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