CBD Oil - Any users here?

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  • necromation4

    Been using for the last 5 months... Total game changer for me!

    Coupled with meditation and working out, i'm ALMOST anxiety free. I'm using 12% and i take about 4 drops in the morning and 4 before bed. My misses even nicks it at bed time as she says it knocks her out bigtime.

    I don't care what the naysayers say, i know it's made a major difference for me.

    • This gets me excited, combined with what others have told me. :) You take it at night and morning? What was the most noticeable impact you found on your day?mg33
    • What specifically do you take, btw?mg33
    • Especially during the day... do you feel energized? less distracted? More focused? Less agitated? Would love to hear more of your experience with it.mg33
    • So i find that my anxiety still comes but for me almost like been on a bus and just passing bus stop 'anxiety'... It's comes and goes super fast. i don't findnecromation
    • myself fixated on the thoughts. my anxiety usual sits on my shoulders, so it helps ease this tension allows me to enjoy my days. i'm using...necromation
    • https://provacan.co.…necromation
    • Your shoulders... Man, I store all stress in my shoulders and upper back. When I get massages, not once has a therapist not remarked about my physical tension.mg33
    • I hear you bro! it all goes straight there for me and used to almost bring me to tears. It was exhausting... Changing a lot of my lifestyle and seeking help hasnecromation
    • help bigtime! i had to look at all the factors and create a plan that worked for me... CBD has become a key element in that plannecromation
    • Good stuff

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