CBD Oil - Any users here?

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  • ben_0

    My wife uses it for anxiety as well. Sleep's been stressful while on mat leave, she says it helps a ton and in the 10 months she's been using it, she hasn't complained of any side effects.

    I tried it out for 40 year old skateboarder joint pain but didn't notice any real improvement, that said I have some friends who swear by it.

    Good luck!

    • What type of anxiety does she have and how has it helped?HijoDMaite
    • It's not diagnosed, but is consistent with what new moms go through, then the anxiety of going back to work/leaving child in day care...ben_
    • About 2 months after our daughter was born, she started having trouble sleeping (not the normal kind, our daughter has been a great sleeper)...ben_
    • so she says it helps her relax and probably more specifically not wake up in panic, similar to melatonin before bed.ben_

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