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    Just binged Good Omens.
    Here's some non-spoilery thoughts while it's still fresh:

    Characters - amazing. Especially the 2 leads. Hamm and Dennehy also stand out from the rest, but that leads us to how well written the characters are.

    Writing - fantastic. Wow. There's something about the way Neil's characters are written that are solely his. The sense of humor, wit and charm all exclusive to Neil. He is top of his game. When you have the same writer of source material, and script... that is where the magic happens. He's been swimming in this world, and knows it well. Makes adapting them so much more fulfilling and interesting. Neil's involvement is 100% the reason this worked.

    Direction - There are some great visual cues, but not enough to say this is anything groundbreaking. It's competent.

    Effects - Restrained, yet competent, could have been pushed farther in the final act. You can see where the budget was strained, especially in the last 2 episodes.

    Episodes - 6 hours is a perfect run for this type of storytelling. I feel a lot of shows could still learn from this format. This plays out like a mini series. Subtle ambiguity in the end with actual closure. Another wonderful trait of Neil. Nothing ever comes with a bow on it.

    Side note: There's something almost too British in the execution of the violence. It was missing the weight of the circumstances in many instances. Sort of like Doctor Who, the violence is treated without much effect. It had elements of that here, made me wish they would have pushed it a bit further. I don't think full-on gore would necessarily move the needle forward, but the violence needed to feel a little more real.

    Highly recommended.

    • thank you that's exactly what i was waiting for, now i'm going to watch it :)sted
    • yeah, watched the first episode
      a good start
    • I thought it was pretty 'meh'. You really have to be into that sort of British humour.i_monk

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