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    and this

    • bestscruffics
    • lurvMrAbominable
    • so greatDRIFTMONKEY
    • Loved it. This is Sunday evening on a summers day. Chilled to fuck.Hayzilla
    • What are you doing watching tv on a Sunday evening in summertime?!Nairn
    • 100% this; unbelievably chill.ideaist
    • You obviously don't have small children Nairn.Hayzilla
    • I don't? Even when I didn't have one, I spend my summer Sunday afternoons with friends who all have kids, at each others houses, not watching tv...Nairn
    • This may well all change in time, of course.

      I fucking hope not though.
    • My children are in bed a 7.30pm ya daft cunt Fuck off.Hayzilla
    • haha, ok? Have a lovely day, you plod.
      Maybe get off the couch and go for a walk you crotchety fart.
    • In the 5 months it took for you to respond, I think I've watched about 2 hours worth of TV. Tried a film the other night - fell asleep after about 20 minutes.Nairn
    • Actually, that's a total lie - I had a massive weekend of TV back in August when 'er indoors went away for a while. Sorry, I am a liar.Nairn
    • WOW your so cool. I bet you’re Vegan, don’t own a car and only listened to Kanye before he was signed to a label.Hayzilla
    • I'm a fungivore unicyclist who only listens to recordings of the sound of wind breathing through Mongolian yurts, darling.Nairn
    • I don't watch TV as it limits my photons.

      You have to limit your photons.
    • Sorry, TV has too many photons.

      Many, many photons.

      Just, like a shitload.

      You don't want them, the photons.

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