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  • freedom2

    If client gives work and says "think you can get us some options by Friday"....

    Will it impress them if you send options on Thursday?

    Or should you just work extra hard and send options Friday morning?

    • Even if you get done by Wednesday afternoon, deliver by Friday.futurefood
    • < ^ Send it by Friday end of day, unless you want them to use you every time they have a last minute request.Maaku
    • ^^^^^^^ thisGnash
    • ^ I can always turn down last minute requests?freedom
    • I rather get last minute requests than no work?freedom
    • one solid direction by friday evening. you're the expert.umbee54
    • What Futurefood said. If you deliver it early then they'll expect you can do that quick a turnaround ALL THE TIME going forward...microkorg
    • .. so will then think it's OK to dump stuff on you last minute and expect it done.microkorg
    • Do you want clients like this? Rhetorical.notype
    • Send on next Monday - say you're artist and demand 200% increase on budgetgrafician
    • No, really, take the advice ^ and deliver late Friday, so they don't have time to email you changesgrafician

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