Shakepeare was a woman

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  • Gnash9

    lol at the DV's. some real scholars on the site :)

    • yeah, downvotes are crazy latelyrenderedred
    • Weird, isn't it?Nairn
    • I'm really not sure what they add to the site, displayed so prominently. As a tool for sorting, fine, but it's negative seeing negative scores, curiously.Nairn
    • Makes you think that there's either some malevolant actors, or just a bunch of humourless cretins you wouldn't want to associate with IRL.Nairn
    • That shit in the 5G thread was stupid, and I wasn't even in agreement with the posts that got shat on.Nairn
    • I really wish there was some way of seeing who donwvoters are - perhaps even a leaderboard ('loserboard' - HA!) listing user's voting statsNairn
    • ffs who cares about upvotes or downvotes anyway?hans_glib
    • so true, nairn. I find even odder considering our collective age-rangeGnash
    • I find them negative, hans - one makes a perfectly reasonable post and some schmuck comes along and smears it with pointless shit. What advantage?Nairn
    • There's a lot of criticism of this on other, better, sites than this too - DVs without comment are shit. Perhaps only allow a DV if you comment stating why.Nairn
    • It's nice seeing a post upvoted, but I could honestly live without those too.

      I really could. I'm a survivor.
    • downvotes and upvotes are only an issue when people have multiple accounts surely? It's been a problem here for a while.fadein11
    • I more mean the drive-by shit-smears.

      They're a visual and interactive impediment.
    • After being on here from the start i personally couldn't give a fuckfadein11
    • Cool. We didn't used to have them though..Nairn
    • Great fucking English, nairn. Jesus.Nairn
    • I get you :)fadein11
    • Sad about Set though eh? I know you had your battles also but I think it's safe to say it won't be the same without him. Defo a bit worried about him...fadein11
    • I think the downvote is that you knee-jerk reacted to this and immediately labeled the whole theory as Alex Jones level stuffmonospaced
    • Why you did that, I do not know. But the downvote seems appropriate to anyone who thinks the theory holds water.monospaced
    • maybe i'm interpreting all this wrong, I dunnomonospaced
    • And if theory is a leaky bucket?Nairn
    • @monospaced
      I posted an Alex Jones video because of set's "all of us depend on our Voltage Gated Cell Electrolyte Channels in order to stay alive" line.
    • As many have said before, it's not the idea at of there possibly being a risk but that it's something planned by lizard people that's ridiculous.deadsperm
    • @Nairn, if it's leaky, that's fine! Worthy of discussion and debate.monospaced
    • @deadsperm, you didn't even post in this thread, let alone post a videomonospaced
    • lol, here comes more drama.fadein11
    • LOL, no need to delete our scvounts. I thought you were talking about the 5G thread because fadein mentioned Set right before your comment.deadsperm
    • Sorry, was chatting to detritusfadein11
    • my comments were to Gnash, who's whining about downvotes, in an attempt to explain the possible reasoningmonospaced
    • if his comment were a "perfectly reasonable," it might not be downvoted, but it really was just a shit on the theory and nothing moremonospaced
    • Can we get hearts on comments plsfadein11
    • yes—hearts—and racially diverse / gender emojis...
      Is there a 'box of kleenex' emoji? If not... there should be... at least for QBN.
    • Stupid suggestion and sure it's been suggested before, but wouldn't it be fairly easy change to only show the upvote count if it is in the positive?dee-dubs
    • Christ. Trust me i dn't want hearts on comments much as i dn't give a flying fuck about upvotes and downvotez. Get off my fekkin lawnfadein11
    • ^perfect moment for a 'box of kleenex' emoji right there from fade

      *dances a jig on your lawn :P
    • read the article, mono. it is alex jones level nonsense. and LOLing at the DVs is just that. who's whining now? 'lol'Gnash
    • and it's the Atlantic, ffs. shameGnash
    • You are whining. Not me.monospaced
    • I read most of it. It seems like it’s got some valid points. Even Shakespeare historians are entertaining it. Nothing Alex jones-esque about it at all.monospaced
    • no, 'historians' are not. all shakespearean academics have dismissed it as 'fanciful'Gnash
    • "as good as any theory" like the world being flatGnash
    • lol, okaymonospaced

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