Paris, France

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  • NBQ001

    Such a smart ass, he always has an advice.

    • "flying water tankers"NBQ00
    • timelinenb
    • Yeah sending 6t of water on a fragilised wood structure in an urban area is very logicBennn
    • multilevel structure with lots of covered spaces, what also burns at a much higher temperature than a bushfire.sted
    • at least he didn't imply they should have prevented it by sweeping moremonospaced
    • God always hated that church.utopian
    • It's the French 911robotron3k
    • No Robo, u moron. Its another careless contractor during renovations as always.tank02
    • robo, you don't seriously believe it was some muslim terrorist who did this?NBQ00
    • he is trying to say is that for the french people this event is like 911 to you in the USsted
    • +wassted
    • yeah, we get it sted ... he's trying to say it is a terrorist attackmonospaced
    • :((( like 30 mins ago I was thinking about how to explain imbecile few posts bellow,why nobody will forget this,my first idea was 911, quickly changed my mindsted
    • because it's a stupid idea to start this conversation about terrorism.sted
    • yeah, to the USA, 911 is purely terrorism, not just a great lossmonospaced
    • The only reason I said 911 is because I also watched the towers burn all day long from Brooklyn and it reminded me of the same scene.robotron3k
    • I wonder if Trump would ever say anything like this about black churches that have been set on fire in the south.fooler
    • first he thought- let´s build a wall around the fire , but then came this great idea with the flying water tankers, all learn that at trump univsersity?neverscared
    • Trump carefully watched the Muslims from Eiffel Tower cheer and dance as the church burned down...true story.utopian
    • Damn you Elon! I told you quit talking out your ass on twitter in hopes to confuse bots to boost stock prices!deathboy
    • mr hindsightmilfhunter

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