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  • shellie4

    After a month displaced, I was finally approved for a rental house I really wanted. I was so depressed, sick, and unfocused floating around. Just in time, too. I'm excited to get settled before tour in april. I'm headed to NYC April 4th to start a month on the road.

    What a ride to get there. Being self employed made things so difficult despite paying the whole lease in advance. When did things get so difficult? My last lease was a breeze but that was also signed in 2002.

    • Why do I live in LDN again?Nairn
    • £1600 a month in LDN gets you 42 square metres... with no sun.shapesalad
    • $3500freedom
    • O_O ...
      Need a house sitter?
      No parties. I promise.
    • Nice place! Where at?ArmandoEstrada
    • Armando it's in Glassell Park. I love that area.

      Pango, party on!
    • Awesome, congrats!!ArmandoEstrada
    • congrats, it's a beautiful house.Maaku

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