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  • NBQ000

    • its messing up our brain in a way or another for sure. We'll see in 20-30 years the impact of all this.Bennn
    • Didn't social media made this guy?Maaku
    • social media made a lot of thingsBennn
    • who caresdbloc
    • Geddy Lee has a channel?!prophetone
    • Love CNpockets
    • can't stand this guy..autoflavour
    • Seems majority of QBN hates himNBQ00
    • he's entertaining enough in small doses. but like all youtubers and social media "influencers", he's a full baked narcissist.inteliboy
    • i follow him, i have nothing against him and dont think he's narcissistBennn
    • he reminds me of this guy: https://i.dailymail.…maquito
    • lol @ "messing up our brain[s]"monospaced
    • maybe it preys on insecurities and addictive personalities, but it's not that hard to keep it from really fucking with your head. Go outside.monospaced
    • This #woeismetoo thing is tedious. You're not being oppressed, there is real violence inherent in the system, social media is not part of it.deadsperm
    • In the words of Chris Rock:…
    • Also:…
    • I like this guy. Don't watch is stuff much as I have little interest in his content but he's a good guy.Hayzilla
    • He's annoying. He's a total narcissist. He's very talented and entertaining.jagara
    • Social Media is a virus that will need to be contained to killed, eventually. Maybe it'll evolve, but so far it seems more likely it'll just die.formed
    • People are given a lot freedom on what to post, who to follow and when to do it yet still feel like they're being forced into it.deadsperm
    • And these are grown ass people that knew a time when we depended on a scheduled programming by major networks to get our entertainment. SMH.deadsperm
    • Social media is a drug, thats why. It plays with the chemicals in your brain.Bennn
    • Social media is entertainment. Entertainment releases dopamine, makes us happy. People like being happy.prophetone
    • The same concerns were raised in 80s over affects of television.…prophetone
    • This is neither new nor already obvious. Just some repackaging.prophetone
    • I mean ‘not’ already obvious... anyway brain melted from 2 much instaprophetone
    • man childutopian
    • i'm doing this for over a year, no twitter or facebook on the phone, only when i get home.sted
    • ^ Nice caveat at the end LOL.Hayzilla

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