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  • Nairn2

    I just the other day set up an FB account, as there's a professionally-oriented group that's of relevance to me here in LDN that apparently I need to keep an eye on.

    I gotta say - the interface is weirdly bland and clinical. I'm surprised (i'm not) that some of the DIY charm of the old MySpace days hasn't been allowed. It seems odd to me all these bright young ditzy things spending so many hours in a rigidly-prescribed engineer's data-vacuum warehouse.

    • Did you like MySpace?zarkonite
    • I'm not sure I liked any of it, but I made a few MySpace pages and kept my own updated as some weird, overly excited and utterly inconsequential effort.Nairn
    • "Do you like QBN?"
      I'm not sure, but I've somehow managed to keep coming back for nearly twenty fucking years.
    • I happened recently to come across some old graphics I did for [well-known LDN club]'s MySpace presence back in the day. there was a certain joy there, for sureNairn
    • QBN is turning into a social network? I stay here a lot more now than on Fb. In unfollowed everybody on Fb, my "feed" is empty, use it only for events and bdaysgrafician

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