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    US Population through out the years

    • outbreakhans_glib
    • Virusjmckinno
    • Move to Greenland or Madagascar.Akagiyama
    • good job, europe!PonyBoy
    • Fucking Immigrants...a wall could not come soon enough!utopian
    • should have got the good ole Brit export railways in earlier, would have reduced the size/length of this gif and my boredom :)fadein11
    • what about the native americans? they don't count?Milan
    • I can only presume not pixels big or brown enough for them Milan.fadein11
    • I had no idea more than half of the US wasn't touched until about 1850.NBQ00
    • A lot of it wasn't that touched, and the population that was there (native and visitors) was incredibly low.monospaced
    • this map is hella racistsarahfailin
    • bringing booze an sugar and taking lot of beaver fur back to Europe. they forgot to build a strong social security system but who to blame, it was a ruff time.api
    • Natives stolen landBennn
    • .gif needs to move way fasterbliznutty
    • Notice how long it took for the Comanches to die off? Fuuu..HijoDMaite
    • Bennn, natives were stealing land from each other for thousands of years before europeans arrived._niko
    • 2039 - US MIDDLESPLITNairn
    • Here come the anti humans!Hayoth
    • needs genocide overlayBrokenHD
    • Which population?see_thru
    • What does that mean, Hayoth?monospaced
    • Why did everyone give Oklahoma such a wide birth for so long?Hayzilla

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