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  • inteliboy2

    I'm finding myself listening less and less to these guys.

    There's only a certain number of times I can hear Rubin and co complain about university campuses. You start to form this world view that we're in some kind of neo-liberal feminist cultural crisis.

    When in the reality, it's the right and 'far right' that are in control of todays political climate across the world. Not a bunch of annoying pink haired twenty somethings on twitter.

    Though do still tune in occasionally to Harris and Rogan - they seem to be the only guys that explore other shit like AI, consciousness, science and tech.

    • i tend to agree, Rubin and Shapiro annoy the shit out of me, they seem to think less in favour of provocation. I can't get enough of the Weinsteins. With...Morning_star
    • +1BonSeff
    • ...regard to the pink haired twenty somethings, i think they need to grow a set and start engaging with those that disagree with them.Morning_star
    • Rogan is dark web?monospaced
    • YepMorning_star
    • meet the IDW ;) . https://www.nytimes.…Morning_star
    • IDW if a format not an ideology, mono.MrAbominable
    • ^ isMrAbominable
    • Thank you, MrAbominableBonSeff
    • hrmmmmonospaced
    • Rogan is a podcast host no? I thought this was an intellectual movement no, that happened to use new media as a channel.fadein11
    • Christ I quite like Rogan as well, thought the whole point was he didn't know who to agree with.fadein11
    • Yeah Rogans pretty neutral, he does a great job examining and exploring all sides, he changes his mind a lot too which is great._niko
    • I find that on a long enough timeline, people will eventually say something that turns you off of them._niko
    • yep. he had Brian Cox on last week hafadein11
    • Neither do the other members of the IDW. That's the point, open and challenging public thought and discussion.Morning_star
    • As long as they all kind of agree on the foundations. Where are all the women?fadein11
    • Heather E. Heying, Christina Hoff Sommers.Morning_star
    • Cool, will check them out. Was worried oprah may be included as rogan is hafadein11
    • ifn i'm not wrong, morning_star, wouldn't it be correct to say that 'most' of the IDW identify as Left?MrAbominable
    • I believe Sommers does. I know Rogan and Petersen do.MrAbominable
    • @MrAbomonable. I believe you’re right. However when asked Peterson and Harris, among others, have claimed they aren’t political.Morning_star
    • ^I suggest that a lot of the criticism against IDW is that it's largely Left being open to critique against Left ...which is abhorrent to Progressives.MrAbominable

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